Godaddy Coupon Code – Over 90% Off Promo Codes

Best GoDaddy Promo Codes for May 2018:

  • Save 35% Off Web Hosting, Domains, SSL Certificates and More:

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    This is a site-wide godaddy coupon code that you can redeem for 35% off all new products. If you’re buying multiple items in your shopping cart, this is the best deal out there.
  • Register a new .COM Domain For Just 99 Cents!

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    Looking for new .COM domain? You can’t beat this price: register it for 99 cents when you use this coupon code. This can only be used one per customer, so if you need to register a few domain names, then the site-wide promo code we featured above is still gives you the most savings.
  • GoDaddy Economy Web Hosting For Just $1/Month:

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    This is a great deal. Economy hosting is usually $7.99/month, which works out to $96 per year. With this discount code, you can get your first year for just $12/year. That’s 86% Off the regular price! Keep in mind that GoDaddy’s Economy hosting only allows for hosting one domain name. So if you want to host two or more domains on your hosting plan, then you should use the next coupon:
  • Save 50% Off GoDaddy’s Hosting Packages:

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    If you’re getting any shared hosting plan that isn’t ‘economy hosting’, then this is the best coupon available: save 50% off the regular price. This is the best deal for deluxe hosting and ultimate hosting plans.
  • Site-Wide Coupon: Save 34% Off New Products

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    This promo code works just like the 35% off coupon, except it’s 1% less effective. That’s why we have it further down the list. Still, if for whatever reason the 35% off code doesn’t work for the items you’re trying to buy, try out this code and see if it works for you. We try to keep all the codes on this list updated and working, but shopping carts can be fickle things sometimes!
  • Save 30% Off All New GoDaddy Items:

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    This is another all-purpose promo code that’ll save you 30% off your purchase of new products, whether it’s hosting, domain names, website builders, what have you.
  • Get WordPress Hosting For Just $1/Month:

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    Get GoDaddy’s WordPress Hosting for just $1/month when you redeem this promo code. Why WordPress hosting? The servers are designed to handle WordPress websites better, which translates into a faster, smoother running website.
  • Get GoDaddy’s Website Builder Free For The First Month:

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    You can try out GoDaddy’s website builder for free for the first month when you use this coupon code. If you like it, then you can sign up with one of their plans, starting at $7.99/month.
  • Save up to 56% Off Email Marketing with GoDaddy:

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    GoDaddy has an email marketing service that will enable you to create user-friendly emails to send to your customers. There are three types of email marketing plans: Beginner, Up & Running, and Pro. Use this coupon to save between 40% – 56% off the regular price for this service.
  • Take 30% Off Microsoft’s Office 365 Service:

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    If you have a small business, you can use Office products with this subscription service that is much cheaper than an Office-license. Save 30% off your subscription when you use this coupon code.

GoDaddy’s Domain Name Promo Codes:

godaddy domain promo codes

Sometimes there’s specific codes for certain domain names offered by GoDaddy. We’ll keep updating this list as new domain name sales are added.

  • Register Unlimited .COM Domain Names For Just $9.99 Each:

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    The 99 cent coupon above only works once. If you have lots of .COM domain names to register, you can do it by using this promo code. Regular price is $14.99, so each time you’ll save $5 off.
  • Get a Free Year On Your .CLUB Domain Extension:

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    When you register a .CLUB domain for two years, all you’ll pay is the first year price of $14.99. The second year is free when you redeem this coupon code.
  • Save 30% Off Domain Name Privacy:

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    Use this coupon code to save 30% off domain name privacy with GoDaddy. Did you know that, for every domain name you register, your information is on the publicly-available WHOIS database? If you get email spam, this may be why. Domain privacy will remove your name from the database, or if you add domain privacy at the time of registration, your information will never be added in the first place.
  • Register a .CO Domain For Just $14.99/Year:

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    Normally $49.99/year, you can register a .CO domain for just $14.99/year when you use this discount code.
  • Register a .NET Domain For $8.99/Year

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    Use this promo code to register a .NET domain name for just $8.99 for the first year. This can only be used once per customer.

GoDaddy Canada Promo Codes

This list is for promo codes aimed specifically at Canadian customers. Why do they have their own set of coupon codes? We have no idea. But here they are:

  • Save 30% Off All New GoDaddy Items:

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    This is a site-wide coupon code that’ll work in GoDaddy’s Canadian store. Take 30% off your order when you redeem this code.
  • Register a .COM Domain Name For Just 99 Cents:

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    Register your .COM domain name at GoDaddy’s Canadian website and save 90% off the regular cost of a .COM domain registration when you use this promo code.
  • Economy Hosting with GoDaddy For Just 99 Cents:

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    This is probably the best discount code on this whole list: get economy hosting for just 99 cents/month. Not only is it 1 cent cheaper than the American offer of $1/month, but it’s 99 cents….Canadian! This is the equivalent of like 76 cents American (the exchange rate may have changed as of this writing). Plus, when you sign up for a new hosting plan, you get a free domain name!
    This is the best deal out there at the moment.
  • Register a .CA Domain For Just $4.99 For the First Year

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    Save on a .CA domain registration when you use this promo code. You can have a .CA domain for just $4.99 for the first year.

Some BackGround Information on the GoDaddy Company:

GoDaddy has grown up. From the public’s point of view, GoDaddy is still most likely known for the infamous Superbowl commercials that would be flirt with being banned for racy content. But with new ownership at the helm, GoDaddy has transformed itself into a small business’ best friend.
Most of GoDaddy’s new products revolve around helping small businesses afford products at lower prices. It has its own website builder that enables regular people to build quick websites without coding knowledge. It also has ‘Office 365‘, which is a budget-friendly version of Microsoft Office that small businesses can use without the prohibitively expensive Microsoft licenses.

GoDaddy is also a publicly traded company now. In mid-2015, GoDaddy had an IPO (initial public offering) and started offering shares to investors under the name GDDY. Since stock prices change so rapidly, we won’t go into how its fared since its IPO. But if you do a quick google search for ‘GDDY’ you can see for yourself how the company is doing.

GoDaddy has also made a series of acquisitions in order to become a more all-in-one solution for small businesses. They recently acquired Main Street Hub, a social media marketing platform that handles all aspects of a company’s social media presence.

GoDaddy Domain Discount Club

For agencies, domain flippers (yes, it’s a thing), and other companies that hold more than a dozen domain names, GoDaddy created a ‘domain discount club’ that offers discounted bulk pricing for domain renewals and registrations. If you have lots of domain names under ownership with GoDaddy, it may be worth checking out.

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