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Updated for June 2018


One essential you need for your site (especially if you have shared hosting for your website or take payments) is an SSL certificate. What is an SSL certficate? If you’re here, you likely already know what it is. But we’ll give a quick explanation below of what these certificates are and when you need them.

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Where did SSL Certificates Come From?

SSL stands for ‘secure socket layer’, and what it essentially does is provides a secure connection over a network between your computer and the websites you are looking at. It prevents ‘man in the middle‘ attacks, where your information is collected by attackers.

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The ‘HTTPS’ sends a signal to your website visitors that this is a secure website.

Most people think that only e-commerce sites require SSL encryption (to handle credit card payments), but it’s a good idea for as many websites as possible to have this extra layer of security. Large sites like Facebook and Google use SSL certificates so that any information you enter into them is safe and secure. Also…

HTTPS will now be a ranking signal for Google

In a blog post from August 6th, 2014 Google announced that they would be adopting HTTPS (the secure connection provided by SSL Certificates) as a ranking signal. This means that if your site has a verified SSL certificate that Google will value it more highly than one that does not. For now the impact is still fairly low and other factors like having high quality content will always be more important, but if you add an SSL certificate to your site now it may give you a jump on your competition when HTTPS becomes a more highly valued signal down the road. Why has Google decided to do this? Well just as Google wants to make sure that you are safe when using their services like Gmail and Maps, they want to make sure that any websites they send people to through their search results are also secure for their users.

SSL Server Test

Once you have your SSL Certificate installed you can run a test to make sure that it is configured properly. Qualys SSL Labs offers a free tool do that with, all your information will be confidential, Qualys SSL Labs does not make use of either the information that you submit or the test results.

Click here to test your websites SSL configuration.

Godaddy Small Business Webinars:

In the past year Godaddy has started focusing on small business clients. If you are a small business owner, there is a whole playlist of useful videos to help you set up your website and optimize it for profitability. They are informative and easy to understand:

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