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HostPapa Coupon Codes for June 2018

Welcome to our collection of valid, up-to-date coupon codes for HostPapa. If you’re a small to medium sized business, HostPapa and their reliable servers are ideal for your web hosting. The coupon codes below will help you to get a discount on HostPapa’s web services, saving you money and helping you to get the most out of web hosting. All the promo codes we have listed are tested every week – we ensure that they are valid and functional, preventing you from suffering the disappointment of not getting a good discount even when you have the code.

Small businesses don’t need to be losing money, but an efficient web hosting system is a necessity today. We hope that our promo codes will help you to save money on HostPapa’s services. It is possible to have high-quality web hosting for your website at a discounted price, and this page will tell you all you need to know about how to get the discount you want.

Best HostPapa Coupons Right Now:

    • Starter and Business Hosting Deal: Take $20 Off Your Plan

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      This discount code will save you up to $20 off your web hosting plan, but it depends on how many years you purchase upfront. If you go for 3 years, you’ll save $20 off your hosting package. If you go for a 2-year plan, you’ll save $15 off your plan. If you go for just 1-year, you’ll save $10 off the cost of your hosting plan. There is no known expiry date on this promo code.
    • Get 3 Months Free at Hostpapa:

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      You can get 3-months of free hosting when you use this coupon code. This applies when you sign up for a 3 year web hosting plan.
    • Save 10% Off Any Web Hosting Package:

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      Use this discount code to save 10% off any Hostpapa web hosting package.
    • Get 10% Off Hostpapa Web Hosting Plans:

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      Save 10% off any hosting plan.
    • Save $50 Off VPS Hosting:

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      Use this coupon code to save $50 off Hostpapa VPS packages.
    • $36 Off Shared Hosting Plans

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      Save $36 Off a 3-year web hosting plan. If you only want a one-year hosting plan, this coupon will save you $12 off.


  • Free Domain Name For Life:

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    Sign up for any new hosting plan and you will be able to register a free domain name for the lifetime of your account. Most web hosting companies will only give you one free year, and then charge you the full rate afterwards. This can lead up to lots of savings over multiple years!
  • $40 Off VPS Plus Hosting Plans:

    Save $40 off Hostpapa’s VPS Plus Linux package. The coupon before this works for the “VPS Pro” package, and this one works for the “VPS Plus” package.
  • Shared Hosting From $3.95 Per Month:

    Hostpapa is offering their web hosting packages for $3.95/month. There is no coupon code for this offer: instead click the link and the special pricing will take effect automatically.

How to use HostPapa Coupons

It can be a nightmare trying to apply a coupon code: even after you’ve done the hard work to find the right one. Websites tend to put the box in out-of-the-way places and make it tricky for you to get the discount you’ve found. This quick guide should help you to enter and apply the coupon code correctly, so that you don’t have to put up with the disappointment of not being able to get your great discount.

Step 1: Choose The Best Hosting Plan For You

Once you have done some research and selected the HostPapa plan that is best for your business, you will then choose your domain name…either a brand new domain name or an existing one.

Step 2: Select Any Extra Services You Want.
After you have confirmed that this is correct, you will be taken to your order summary. Here you can add any extras such as increased RAM, automated back up, and more storage. Scroll down past these to your account information.

Step 3: Enter The Promo Code, which is Located Just Below Payment Details.

Below your payment method details is a small link saying “Have a coupon code?”. Click on this, and the box to enter your code in will appear. Enter the code, click “Apply coupon”, and enjoy your new savings! The total cost (on the right side of your screen) will decrease as soon as you click apply.

A Little Background Info on

Hostpapa coupon codes
HostPapa sets itself apart from other VPS hosts with its environmental message. They run an efficient service for a low price, and they do it sustainably. The multiple awards they have attained means that they consistently rank in the world’s top 10 web hosting services. The company is committed to customer satisfaction, an important tool in a field where their customers are predominantly small business owners.

The reliable service they provide is another reason they have become popular, with positive reviews speaking for them all over the internet. Of course, the customer service team and their knowledge of the businesses helps to ensure everything runs smoothly and enforces their guarantees – anyone unsatisfied with HostPapa can opt for a full refund within the first 30 days of their purchase. This trial period system works for them, ensuring that the customers right for HostPapa stay on and those who are not can leave without complaint. The servers utilized by the company are constantly monitored to make sure that they don’t cause you any problems with a faulty connection or other malfunction. Every bit of data is backed up with a full recovery system, so you shouldn’t lose any information through their services.

HostPapa on the Web:

HostPapa are relatively active on social media, however their Facebook page is essentially just a duplicate of their Twitter. They will not respond to queries about their services on social media, preferring you to instead get in touch with their customer service team via their website and find a solution there. Twitter appears to be the best way to contact them in terms of social media, and they frequently respond to tweets from customers and new followers – but they still avoid business queries, instead keeping it to the fun stuff like competitions. They post a lot of competitions where followers can win vouchers and free services for their businesses. The company also uses social media as a means of mass communication, advertising new sales and deals via their Twitter and Facebook. If you’re looking to save money on their services, scrolling through their pages can’t hurt, and you’ll get a feeling for how other customers find HostPapa.


HostPapa on YouTube:

HostPapa have a YouTube channel, and while their videos aren’t uploaded regularly, they do upload useful content. Their videos are not just advertising campaigns, with many of them showing users how to use the services offered on their site. They offer these tutorial-type videos in a range of languages, and this system is a user-friendly idea that their customers will benefit from.

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