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Updated for June 2018

iPage is one of the most popular shared hosting companies in the world as they are extremely affordable. iPage is also a ‘green hosting‘ company, if you are interested in supporting eco-friendly businesses. Of course, iPage usually has several promo codes floating around that can help you save even more off their already low prices. Check out the iPage coupon codes below:

  • 75% Off Sale on iPage Essential Hosting – Limited time offer!

    LIMITED TIME PROMOTION! This offer doesn’t require a coupon code! Just click the button above and you will be taken to the iPage website where there Essential shared hosting plan is currently being offered for just $2.25 a month when you purchase a 2 year or 3 year plan. That’s 2 years of hosting for just $54.00, or 3 years of hosting for $81.00. That is the best deal that I know of right now. You also get a free domain name with your purchase!

    Special tip! If you let the checkout page sit for a couple of minutes sometimes a popup will appear offering you an even lower price for 1 year of hosting! However if you are planning on signing up for the long term the 2 or 3 year pricings is better.

    We checked to make sure that this promotion was still being offered this week and it was! Here’s proof.

  • 75% off 2 or 3 year plans

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    Best Deal! Use the promo code above to save 75% off a 24-month hosting plan and 72% off a 36 month plan. The 36 month (3 year) discount has the most savings overall. When you click this button you will be taken to a secret page on the iPage website in a new window or tab where you can enter the coupon code that will be revealed on this page. However it looks like since they are running the 83% off promotion right now it gives you that price instead.
  • 75% off 2 or 3 year plan for the UK

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    This offer is for U.K. customers. This promo code is the same 75% off promotion, but will work the U.K. version of iPage’s website. As with the above promotion you will be taken to the secret page where you can enter the coupon code.
  • Another 75% off coupon

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    Would you believe it? Another 75% off coupon code. When you sign up with iPage, you need to be saving at least 70% off the regular price of their hosting (which isn’t expensive anyway).
  • Free Domain Name with Any Hosting Package

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    Get a free domain name with any hosting package purchase with this promo code.

All about iPage:

In 2012, iPage was acquired by Endurance International Group, one of the largest web hosting companies in the world. Never heard of it? That’s because it became a large hosting company by acquiring smaller companies, but keeping the original names. Other hosting companies under the same umbrella include: Hostgator, Bluehost, A Small Orange, and Fatcow (among at least 20 others). The company is headquartered in Burlington, MA.

iPage’s Energy Efficiency Program

It might interest you to know that if you host with iPage then you can say that your website is Green Certified and place a banner stating so on your website. As an EPA Green Power Partner, all of iPage’s data centers and servers are powered by wind energy. For every KWH of energy that your site uses iPage will purchase 200% that amount in wind power RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) to offset it. iPage’s yearly contributions to green power are roughly equivalent to planting 244 acres of trees or taking 244 cars off the road.

User Reviews of iPage

iPage actually gets great reviews for a budget hosting company, largely due to their excellent customer support which really seems to go above and beyond. A lot of budget hosts use offshore call centers to try and reduce the costs since they are offering their hosting plans at such low prices, but the downside is that those type of call centers operate with the goal of keeping the talk times low and number of email tickets responded to high instead of on actually resolving the issue. iPage customer support seems ready to help with any questions big or small, one user specifically mentioned that they helped him troubleshoot WordPress which isn’t something most hosts would offer support for, and they are available 24/7 for either phone support or through the live chat on their website. And of course a lot of customers were impressed by their extremely low introductory pricing, which you can lock in for up to 3 years for a huge amount of savings.

One person mentioned slow server issues, and it’s true that you can’t expect blazing fast speeds in any type of shared hosting environment, but I always have to wonder how experienced this user is and what their setup looks like. There are a lot of things you might unintentionally be doing to slow down your website, especially if you are using a content management system like WordPress or Joomla with lots of plugins.

How to Speed Up WordPress on Shared Hosting

WordPress will run just fine on shared hosting environment like iPage, but some people experience slow website load times. The thing is it’s usually their fault! There is a lot you can do to make sure that your website runs as fast as possible, here are some tips to get the most out of your WordPress site:

Choose a lightweight theme Some themes are just going to load slower than others. If they are loading in a ton of scripts to make fancy jQuery carousels work, use graphical header fonts, or have a ton of images to load then they won’t load quickly. If you are running your site on a dedicated server this won’t matter, but it can be problematic in a shared hosting environment. How will you know what’s a good, lightweight theme? Most themes will offer a demo site so you can see what it looks like in action, and you can use a tool like Pingdom to check page load speeds. A great place to find professionally designed WordPress themes is on ThemeForest.

Use a Content Delivery Network A content delivery network (CDN) works by hosting your website files on several different servers around the world. When a visitor loads your website it serves the files from whichever server in their network is closest to them. This makes your website faster because instead of one server handling all of the bandwidth a few different servers around the globe share the job. CloudFlare is a popular CDN.

Identify plugins that are slowing your site down The number one reason that WordPress sites load slowly is because they have plugins that are not configured properly, or that are in conflict, or just plain too many are installed. Ironically, the way you can check on that is to install another plugin! P3 stands for Plugin Performance Profiler, and it’s an excellent tool to help you troubleshoot any plugin issues on your WordPress website.

These are just a few tips, for a very comprehensive review of how to speed up your website check out this article by Smashing Magazine.

Helpful Tutorials for iPage:

If you need help setting up your hosting account, installing WordPress, or virtually anything else, there’s a great YouTube channel called ‘ipagetraining’ that can help you. It’s not an official ‘iPage’ account, but the videos are professional and helpful. Here’s an excerpt (click through to view more):

iPage has some sweet infographics that can help you with WordPress, HTML/Javascript, Facebook, and your small business.

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