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Namecheap Promo Codes Updated for June 2018

If you have ever spent any time looking around for a place to register your next domain, you have almost certainly come across Namecheap. This is one of the leading registrars in the business, and it also offers a variety of hosting services as well. VPS hosting, dedicated servers, private email hosting, and more are all available directly from Namecheap. In addition to the full compliment of services offered by Namecheap, another feature that makes them so popular is the functional design of their user friendly website.

As the name of the company would indicate, Namecheap is able to offer affordable pricing on its registration and hosting products. However, we can help to make those prices even more affordable through the use of the coupons below. We have located some of the best Namecheap coupons available to help you save significantly on your upcoming purchase. Take a moment to check out our codes and decide on the one that will provide you with maximum savings. As always, we test these codes regularly to make sure they are still valid.

Best Namecheap Promo Code Right Now:

  • Register a Domain Name For Just 88 Cents:

    Namecheap is offering new domain name registrations for just 88 cents. No promo code required: just click the coupon button and you’ll be taken to a special area on Namecheap’s website where you can get the discounted pricing.
  • 40% Off All Reseller and VPS Hosting Plans with Namecheap:

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    If you’re looking into Re-seller and VPS hosting with Namecheap then you can save 40% off any package with this promo code.
  • Save Up to 10% On Domain Registrations and Domain Transfers of popular TLDs (com/net/org/biz):

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    Save 10% off both domain registrations AND domain transfers with this this promo code. It’s an all-purpose domain promo code for Namecheap!
  • 15% off Shared Professional Hosting package

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    Namecheap’s shared professional hosting package is one of the best hosting plans out there. Save 15% off the regular price when you use this discount code.
  • Get $5 off Shared Ultimate Hosting plan from Namecheap:

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    Use this promo code to save $5 off Namecheap’s Ultimate Hosting plan.
  • Save 46% Off Comodo SSL Certificate with Namecheap:

    You can buy an EV SSL certificate for your website for 46% off the regular price. No promo code required. Instead of a coupon code, this is a link-activated discount. Click the blue coupon button and you’ll be taken to the special offer page on Namecheap’s website.

A Little Background Info on Namecheap:

namecheap promo code

It isn’t easy to find hosting companies that have been in the market for more than a few years. Even some of the top players in this market have relatively short histories…but that is not the case with The company was founded in Los Angeles back in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall, making it one of the oldest domain registrars in the industry. More than five million domains are said to be managed by Namecheap, placing it among the biggest names in this business.

One of the interesting products offered by Namecheap is WhoisGuard. As you likely already know, the Whois database is a collection of information which is freely available, and it contains the information of anyone who purchases and registers a website. So, without a product like WhoisGuard, you will have to expose things like your name, address, and phone number to the whole world.

To avoid that loss of privacy, Namecheap offers WhoisGuard as an add-on to domain registration. For a small fee, Namecheap will replace your personal information with a WhoisGuard substitute, and all communication will be filtered before it reaches you. This is a strong way to cut back on spam, which is a major problem for those who register large numbers of sites.

Namecheap on the Web:

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Namecheap is quite active on both Facebook and Twitter.

Namecheap is one of the most-successful web hosting companies in terms of building a social media presence, as both their Twitter and Facebook accounts boast impressive statistics. On Facebook, Namecheap has more than 122,000 followers, a number which cannot be matched by most other companies in this space.

The story is much the same on Twitter, where their follower count exceeds 127,000. Obviously, based on nothing more than follower count, the company is doing something right from a social media perspective.

If you like to follow accounts that are regularly going to post new content, you are going to be more impressed with their Facebook page than their Twitter feed. The Facebook account is updated most days, while Twitter is used less frequently. However, both accounts are worth a follow because of the valuable information they provide. Specifically, on Twitter, there are occasional contests you can enter to win domain and hosting-related prizes. No matter which platform you choose to use, it does appear that you should expect a prompt reply to any messages that you send to the company via social media.

Namecheap on YouTube:

Many registration and hosting companies seem to less of an emphasis on YouTube as a marketing tool, and that is the case with Namecheap as well. While they do have a YouTube channel, and that channel has plenty of videos for you to enjoy, the most recent video was uploaded two years ago. You can still learn things from the past videos – there are many tips on how to use the Namecheap site – but this instructional content is quickly falling out of date. It may be worth your time to browse their channel, but don’t expect to see new videos anytime soon.

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